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perfect canvas for 

A luxury space creating the

Kindred features ample space, thoughtful amenities, and modern, minimalist pieces. 

and (drumroll please)...a free parking lot

Over 1,600 sq feet of open space with natural light
A collection of curated chairs and furniture pieces/props
A seamless backdrop and stand
Five large widows
Stocked mini fridge
Single serving coffee machine
Bluetooth speaker
Clothing rack

The Amenities

Need a photographer for your studio session? Send me an inquiry! My photography clients get access to Kindred Studios for their sessions with no additional rental fee!

For the past year I have been in search of a space that allows myself and other creatives to be inspired to create and capture special moments. I have curated every piece by hand and designed Kindred to be a space fit for creative souls. I cannot wait for you to meet her and see what dreams get brought to life here.

The Founder of Kindred Studios

Hi, I'm Kira!


- Name

Testimonials Coming Soon, Stay Tuned.

Love Notes

Are you ready to create in the space fit for creative souls?!